Thursday, May 04, 2006

its my birthday tomorrow
you'd all better remember or else.
i am very old now.
not as old as most of you hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
p.s. please someone send me some Kents. I will pay you in babies.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

its been a while eh?
very very busy becky, working, uni work and such..
just read mings blog..whats going on ladies? Think i need to know.
Just got back from amsterdam it was so much fun, except all dutch people want to touch me, literally, i dont know why im so irresistable to them, but all i could do was smile and shout ja! every so often.
Anyway lots of prostitutes around, lots of coffee shops and lots of fun.
summer has finally nearly arrived in leeds, well, the suns shining but its not very hot. You could have predicted this would happen as its nearly exam time when i am at my most distractable.
Obviously the bbq im going to have in my backyard will not be as fun as a cheko one...
actually if you want to see my amsterdam pictures you can email me and ill send you the link.
Im going to go now, i have been skiving all morning-so naughty!
lots of love b x

Sunday, January 08, 2006

mwohahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! happy new year fuck faces!
I have a new job, its in another pub it is much nicer not a ginger cunt in sight.
Yes yes so the plan to go to hong kong is still in progress possibly delyed by a month due to not having a job for a month but still woking at it.
New years eve was fun fun fun go fucked with will and dave, but had to wok il 2am, at least go paid double time!!'
got the nicst card from jason mcreadybrek, what a lovely young man, the type you'd bring home to your parents!
mingo-think i sortedt te problem thing but i am no blogging expert so....who can say?
well exams exams coming up...yawnathon but i expect it'll b fine,
going o have a nice cup of tea now,ยจ
bex x

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Well, nothing much has happened here.
Except its really cold.
People who read this say its pretty boring, i would have to agree but I dont really want to be all introspective otherwise I'll sound like a dickhead (most likely)
Anyway, I quit my job cos my boss was a complete shaft, i really hate that man and one day Im going to drive a tractor over his big fat ugly ginger cunting head.
Ho Ho xmas spirit and all that!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oh also, this is quite odd. Last night I had a dream...dont really remeber what it was but woke up in a cold panic because I didnt know where the fucking jellybeans were??? What does this say about my subconcious??
Oh and do I link other peoples blogs to mine? TELL ME!!!
Dude....Im like yahh whatever.-This is my impression of a slightly camp indian man, I have been doing it non stop for about 3 months now...should stop but sooo addictive!
last night at work some woman told me she was going to 'fuck me up'. i think I should have just kept quite instaed of replying that it looked like someone else had just done that very same thing to her face already! Oh dear, ive really got to learn to keep my mouth shut....but at the end of an eight hour shift with no patience (never a strong point) was wearing a little thin.
Anyway, Im working on the get blecky to hong kong mission. So far I really want to come to Hong Kong for a week and then maybe go to thailand for a week and meet jomo. I was thinking of doing this roundabout chinese new year. Two problems so far 1)I have no idea when chinese new year is ( I asked Ming and Spawn but they don't seem to want to tell me. Maybe its a secret thing you can only know when your in Hong Kong) 2)Money Money Moneeeeeeeeeeey. I am trying, Ive got about 200 squid saved up so far but I am ridiculously skint, I might have to work new years eve and loads of the crimbo holidays to get some. BUT should this all get sorted out I can go shopping in honky konky land!!! You have no idea of the amounts of money i can spaff given the chance.......
But, I hae to go and do some stupid work now, italian adjectives...yawn yawn yawn.....
Ciao xxx

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Anyway, I am sitting in the computer room at uni because I misread my timetable and thought I had a lecture but i dont which means I could have had an extra sleep in but no....thats what comes of being a dickhead I suppose.
I am soooooooooooooo tired at the moment my slave driver of a wanker for a boss keeps putting me on the rota and throwing a massive hissy fit if I suggest that while he has indeed left me time to go to all my lectures there is not necessarily time left for me to sleep/eat.
he truly is an absolute cock actually. he gets drunk while we are working and throws bottles at people...amongst other things. You know in that episode of the simpsons when Bart wants to buy those massive mechanical ants with lasers in their eyes and destroy school and then one of them eats principal skinner? Thats pretty much what I think whenever im in work.
Anyway my friendliest chinese man friend Ming came to visit my ghetto house. He seemed to enjoy it apart from the bit when we were in those boys house at about 4am and realised at leat one of them was a bit of a care in the community case....just shows money cant buy you sanity! (also i lost his gucci belt somewhere along the line....but we'll quickly draw a line under that one....SORRY!!!!!)
I am thinking of coming back to the kong for a holiday but I am very skint so...
well the rain seems to have eased off for a while so im off for a quick fag...(no you stupid north americans-a cigarette!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Freshers are so funny....been directing them to the centre of town via Bradford!!!
Saw Ming.
Talk later.
Ciao x